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Assisting You On Your Journey Into the Heart, to Optimum Health, 
Well-being and Wholeness

1 on 1 Phone Appointments with Elke

"Elke masterfully helped me to see my inner blockages and guided me into a more expanded state, beyond pain and suffering."

Lauri Poldre 

There used to be a time where you knew if you did something, the outcome was pretty much 100% certain...

Not anymore...

We are shifting from the old mind, aka fear based paradigm, that was almost entirely based on repetitive patterns and survival of the fittest, into a completely new paradigm, based on the heart. A paradigm of integrity, passion, compassion, expression, truth and honorability.

The new energies are here to stay and there is no running or getting away from them. Ignorance or running will only intensify the energies and have you struggle more plus the physical and/or mental health seem to break down even more and even quicker.

I see so many trying to ignore the perceived 'bad' stuff, trying to will it to go away, trying to think only 'good' thoughts, and it never works for the long term...

The time has come to stop running from yourself and being out of alignment with your whole beingness. It is time to take a good and honest look at yourself and your life. The time has come to meet and integrate the truth of who you truly are, so your body and mind can start to heal and you can become healthy, whole and complete within yourself.

It is time to start living from the heart, fully integrating and expressing your true essence.

Are you ready to meet the missing part that you have been longing for for EONS and to start integrating and merging with the rest of yourself - your true presence, your true essence?

This is where I come in as a guide, as an activator and as an amplifier to bring you back to who you truly are - if you let me.

I offer 1 on 1's to show you the way how to navigate these new energies, guiding you into living from the heart, meeting with and merging with your higher levels and the rest of yourself.

What Can You Expect from these Sessions?

First and foremost you have to be willing to approach the sessions with an open mind, ready to open your heart. Willing to show up and let the beneficial changes happen. All you have to do is to take the foot off the brake and start to let your heart and your divine self guide you.

From the time you are making the appointment things will start to shift and start moving, as you have given the go ahead to all of yourself and your entourage to get to work.

You will feel uplifted and long term beneficial change (for your highest and best good AND the highest and best good of all concerned) will start to happen. These changes will come in quite powerfully, quite beneficially and quite passionately if you let them.

These sessions are not a feel good hour with all butterflies and roses. We are going to look at and meet everything that keeps you small and that holds you prisoner in this tiny cage of the mind and ego.

You will see everything stepping up and amplifying up, becoming lighter and brighter - As long as you stay committed to yourself.

You can to expect long-term beneficial changes, letting go of density, literally feeling and becoming lighter. Your complete being-ness and your body will be stepped up and will go through change after change after change and will only continue to go through those long-term beneficial changes.

As long as you continue to step up and walk your walk.

During the 1 on 1's we will be addressing pretty much everything that has been holding you back, that has been repressing and suppressing you and has had its way with you throughout your life.

Now is the time to let go of the old, step up and move into the new paradigm, the new energy.

I am there to take you by the hand and walk side by side with you, yet this isn't a time to mess around, play around or just a feel good time for you to take a little break out of your every day business as usual.

We will be addressing the cause, the core, the record and the effect of everything that has been blocking you in your life. Looking at everything that is happening in your life, including your actions and reactions to what is occurring within you and around you.

We look at where you are going and in which direction you are moving, so you can look at it from a distance and re-decide - which in turn will affect your whole life in ways you never thought possible.

In addition to the 1 on 1's I also offer Personal Recordings according to your needs and specification and Energy Work to speed up the beneficial changes happening in your life.

Click the ‘Schedule Appointment’ button below to can see the availability and to book and pay for your appointment. If payment is not received within 72 hours of booking, the appointment will be cancelled and the slot made available again.

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Price per 60 minute phone appointment is $155 USD

"I started my 1 on 1 journey with Elke exactly one year ago. I was in pain, suffering, sick and lost. I did two calls in two months and stopped. I wasn't ready for what to come and resisted it in some way. Three months ago (after a 9 month gap) I resumed and scheduled my next 1 on 1 call and that is where everything has started to change for me!!

I never expected to expand this much during three months!! I have been chasing healers and spiritual teachers for the past ten years and never got even close to what I am experiencing these days.

Elke has been walking beside me and guiding me toward my truth with patience, love and so much of care. After each session I am telling myself 'it can't get better than this', but it does!!

I am so thankful to the universe for guiding me to you, it is a true blessing and I can't wait for my next month's call :)) Love you Elke and thank you for being here and being you"

Majida Houd