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Assisting You On Your Journey Into the Heart, to Optimum Health, 
Well-being and Wholeness

1 on 1 Phone Appointments with Elke

Are you ready for your life to become different? Are you ready to become healthy, whole and complete within yourself? Are you ready to open your heart and step out of all the endless patterns and repetitions within your life?

Ready to connect with and integrate all of yourself, filling all the empty spaces within you, so you can finally bring Home here?

During a phone appointment you can bring up any physical, mental or other issues. Any and all of them can and will be addressed if you so choose. So you can step out of the old and into the new. The focus can be on anything you wish to present, address and/or get clarity about.

I will be opening energetic portals and doorways for you to step through and out of the endless cycles of repetition and old patterns.

I will connect to you heart to heart and offer you practical tools and advice for your journey into the heart, connecting and integrating with All That You Are.

Maybe you have come to a point where you feel that you need more assistance than 'just' what the publicly available recordings are providing. Maybe you are facing a very important decision you have to make, or you know that you need to make changes within your life, but yet you are still not able to see the big picture of what to do and where you can go.

I am here to empower you. I strive to enable you to find your own solutions. Nobody can walk your path for you, but I will be there to walk side by side with you. I will take you by your hand and show you what is available for you, something you might not be able to see just yet.

A few examples of where I can assist you:

  • You want to integrate and merge with your higher levels, stepping into a whole new life, a whole new paradigm.
  • You have a specific problem you want to resolve, but you simply cannot see where to start.
  • You need someone to walk with you side by side, someone who has an overview of what is happening, and someone who is able to shine some light on your path, that is able to see where it is heading.
  • You have a certain health problem and you canĀ“t seem to get over it.
  • And so much more.

Price per 60 minute phone appointment is $122 USD


"I started my 1 on 1 journey with Elke exactly one year ago. I was in pain, suffering, sick and lost. I did two calls in two months and stopped. I wasn't ready for what to come and resisted it in some way. Three months ago (after a 9 month gap) I resumed and scheduled my next 1 on 1 call and that is where everything has started to change for me!!

I never expected to expand this much during three months!! I have been chasing healers and spiritual teachers for the past ten years and never got even close to what I am experiencing these days.

Elke has been walking beside me and guiding me toward my truth with patience, love and so much of care. After each session I am telling myself 'it can't get better than this', but it does!!

I am so thankful to the universe for guiding me to you, it is a true blessing and I can't wait for my next month's call :)) Love you Elke and thank you for being here and being you"

Majida Houd - November 12, 2019

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