Welcome To Your Journey

Welcome to Your Journey

What an honor and a joy it is that you have found my little corner here within the Internet. I invite you to make yourself at home, get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee or something else you enjoy and stay with me for as long as you want.

I have opened my heart to the love of the universe and I invite you to do the same through my recordings and my personal assistance. Every single one of us came here to express who they truly are and to enjoy this beautiful Eden that Earth is to the fullest. I would be honored to assist you on your journey back to yourself and to walk beside you along the way.

I invite you to come with me on the most important journey of your life... The journey back to yourself, back to the heart.

Through the implementation of all sorts of beneficial audible and non-audible frequencies and tones, I am able to reach your heart, without involving your mind, in a very special and effective way.

I have the ability to see the overview of where your life is heading. When I talk to you I will see very quickly what is out of sync in your life and I will be able to show you what could be improved and where you could go or what you could change to walk towards a life filled with love and joy.

In my recordings I am using frequencies, tones and energy transmissions to help you to open your heart and change your life in the most beautiful ways. Yet for very many dear ones this is not enough to implement this new way of life into their reality in a profound way without being guided along the way. Without additional assistance it is difficult to see where your behavior, thoughts and patterns are blocking and limiting you in your every day life.

This is why I am offering the ​Unveil Your Mastery Series with ​recordings and additional ​material to get the most out of the recordings and to assist you to become aware of everything that is keeping you stuck and limited. ​

Below, you can see a list of all the recordings that are available. If you are interested in a certain series, please click the according banner​.

Abundance Series

Step Into Your Full Potential and Beyond

Frequency Spa

I Am Series

Frequency Healing

How Can Frequencies Heal?

Some frequencies have the ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses and to balance your energies, other frequencies make it easier to open up to a healthier lifestyle... in every recording I use a variety of frequencies to meet the issue on several levels. Some frequencies are given, like the Rife Frequencies, others I do find intuitively, like the angelic frequencies. An energy transmission makes the frequencies even more powerful.

What Else Should I know About the Recordings?

The frequencies and energy healing are the main healing ingredients of the recordings and they are mostly inaudible. The music piece you're hearing is only there to work as a kind of wrapping for the frequencies to make them sound familiar. This way the listening experience is much more enjoyable and pleasant to the ear.

I do not compose the music myself, the music tracks I use are mostly royalty free tracks for which I purchase the rights to use in my work. This is the reason you might hear the same music piece in some other videos or even on anotherr website. This doesn't affect the efficiency of my recordings, because the effective and important parts are the ones that are (mostly) inaudible.

So Is This the New Easy Way to Find Eternal Happiness and Health?

The way to fulfillment and healing in life is a process that requires awareness and the willingness to take responsibility for yourself. It requires a certain amount of courage and commitment to yourself and the easiest way to reach it is to open your heart and to integrate and feel the presence of all of yourself.

The connection to your higher self is a always given and without it you wouldn't be breathing. But due to society's conditioning, teachings and traditional patterns most of us have have been shutting out our own presence and connection to our higher levels. For many up to a point where the connection is barely there any more.

Removing all the conditioning and everything that doesn't truly belong to you leads to real happiness and healing. It will reconnect you with your higher levels (all of you) and help you to embody more and more of your own presence and beingness, ultimately leading into a life filled with abundance, love and enjoyment.

Can I Change My Life/Heal My Issue(s) By Listening to the Recordings Only?

Nothing and nobody can change your life if you are not willing to do the required steps. The recordings and my assistance are tools designed to assist you on your journey, tools designed to make the journey a lot easier for you, but you are still asked to let go of everything that is not you and doesn't belong to you. This includes changes in thoughts, behaviors and letting go of patterns you have outgrown and that do not serve you any more in your daily life.

If you are not willing to do this and use the recordings as a kind of magic pill, the recordings act like a narcotic to cover and forget your problems for a while and over time they will lose their efficiency, as you are still repeating the patterns that create the issues and keep you stuck.

Journey Back To You

So What Can I Do to Change My Life In a Profound Way?

If you want real change in your life, you need to be willing to let go of a lot of things that no longer serve and that you have outgrown. You need to be ready to step out of your comfort zone and be willing to look your fears into the eyes, just to find out that it isn't as bad as you thought it would be and that you are much more magnificent than you thought you are... and boy how truly freeing it is...

Sometimes you may be asked to change your diet and/or be more physically active. In some cases your higher levels may be asking you to let go of relationships that no longer serve. It always depends on your individual and unique situation

If you feel guided to get more assistance on this journey don't hesitate to join our Total Transformation Membership (coming soon) and/or sign up for a personal session.

If you want to learn more about healing with frequencies and energy, you can do so here.

Humanity is at a point where they have to choose Love (the heart) or Fear (the mind).

What are you choosing?

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