I invite you to come with me on the most important journey of your life... The journey back to yourself, back to the heart.

Private Appointment

Are you ready for your life to become different?

Are you ready to become healthy, whole and complete within yourself?

Are you ready to open your heart step out of all the endless patterns and repetitions within life?

Ready to connect with and integrate all of yourself, filling all the empty spaces within you so you can finally bring Home here?

Personal Recording

Elke will create a recording addressing of one problem or situation you can submit via an online form after your payment.

This can be physical, mental or spiritual. Your choice.

Energy Work

Elke will be addressing and clearing any issues that you would like me to work on to speed up and assist you within your life.

This can be issues with your body, relationships, abundance, family, work etc.


Below, you can see a list of all the recordings that are available. If you are interested in a certain series, please click the according banner to get to the list.

Abundance Series

Step Into Your Full Potential and Beyond

Frequency Spa

Frequency Healing

Embodiment Series

Living from the Heart Series

Awakening Series

awakening series

I Am Series

Listening To My Recordings - What Usually Happens

The first impression to the listener is the beauty of the music, creating harmony and peace within.

In the beginning you may feel like crying or even acting out. This happens very often when someone starts listening to the recordings. This is a beautiful sign that they are working. Just let any emotions that may come up out. Do not try to suppress them, let them leave - they are leaving for good.

The more you listen to the recordings, the more you feel yourself coming back into your center. You feel empowered, your thoughts become calmer and everything becomes clearer. You feel more joyful, your heart begins to open. You become more aware, you may start to see things you haven't been able to see before.

The breath deepens, your posture begins to realign and you may feel like you have grown taller. Some people start to lose weight.

Most importantly you will begin to feel more of yourself, your own presence, your beautiful beingness.

Walls and barriers are starting to break down.

Your heart begins to vibrate in tune with the universe.

You will feel the benefit of the recordings in the most beautiful ways.

We are creating our reality via our thoughts, actions and beliefs - beauty within ourselves creates a beautiful life in our outside world.

In the beginning it may be hard for you to see the beauty in everything. It might just be for a little while, maybe even only when listening to the recordings. Later, to your own surprise, you might start to notice that you laugh more, talk more (even to strangers) and generally are much more joyful. Soon, you will be in this place of inner and outer beauty for much longer periods of time.

I call this place home - being in harmony and communion with all of yourself and the whole universe. You start to bring home here, to this beautiful Eden that our planet Earth truly is.

Everything in our universe is energy and frequency, or more accurately particles of consciousness. The universe reacts to our vibration and our frequency. The higher our frequency and the less density we are embodying, the more beauty we will begin to see in our outside world.

By listening to the recordings you will begin to release a lot of that density and everything that does not serve you anymore. You will start to see that you create your own reality, yet not by controlling the outcome, but by letting go of all needs and wants (that are a construct of the mind anyways).

You start to let your higher self (which is you anyways) take control of your life, watching your life change in the most beautiful and miraculous ways.

The recordings do not look for mistakes or flaws within you, they do not tell you what to do or not to do. Most importantly, they do not force you to do anything you don't want to do. There are no terms or conditions to follow. The recordings don't challenge or judge you in any way.

They are timeless and unconditional - just like the beauty of Earth or true, unconditional love. They put ourselves right in front of us and tell us: 'This is you, here and now', and nothing else matters.

Listen to your soul/higher self, and it will tell you how long and how often you should use the recordings. Your intuition will tell you when it is time to stop listening.

This is why I don't provide any set rules, like how long and how often you should listen to the recordings. Every being on this planet is unique and very special, so there is and cannot be a one fits all rule to listen to the recordings.

What Makes the Recordings So Effective?

As all of the debris is being removed by the recordings over time, your thoughts become much clearer, the space in between thoughts becomes longer, you begin to live your life from the heart instead of acting from your thoughts, conditioning and belief systems.

The very fabric of the universe is love and therefore you are love as well. All the treasures of the universe are within each and every one of us. YOU are the one you have been waiting for. The recordings are designed to open your heart and remove all the debris that has been accumulated for aeons. They help you to let the Real You shine through again. Like a jewel that has been buried and is now being recovered to shine in its wonderful glory again.

Each and every one of us is longing for a life filled with abundance and love. Most of us even started to think positive at some point, many have been doing this for decades. Trying to become healthy, whole and complete again, by applying the laws of attraction. But somehow the results have never been really satisfying nor did they last long.

The reason is, that we were trying to find happiness and abundance via the mind and wanting to be in control. The mind is always comparing us to others and measures our success via the outside world. To the mind fulfillment equals lots of food being available, owning expensive cars, big TV's and huge homes. Once that has been reached, there is always more that needs to be accomplished. For the mind there is always lack, true happiness is something that is elusive and can never be reached.

This is where the heart comes into play. It is the real manifestor, it is our connection to the universe. With an open heart your mind will become the tool that it was created to be and not your master. An open heart shows you the real beauty of this world, it shows you your passion and it leads you to true fulfillment and joy. Something the mind will never be able to fathom or comprehend. It needs to be felt - this is where true understanding lies.

The time has come for all of humanity to claim who they are. To claim true, heartfelt joy and abundance in every way. Technology has reached a point that we all can live together in harmony and peace, with enough food and energy available to everyone in a sustainable manner. The time has come to use the mind as our tool, live our creativity, and love from the bottom of our hearts with no strings attached.

The universe has given the gift of sound and music to all of humanity. Music can be used to open up the heart and soul. Humanity has known that for eons.

I have opened myself to the universe by opening my heart with no strings attached. Now the universe is offering the same to you through me. I am making the recordings available to all of humanity, so everyone will be able to open the door to their heart and soul if they so choose. With music, frequencies, energy healing and most importantly - the Love of the Universe.

I am using frequencies and energy healing - combined with a certain kind of music - to provide everyone with the opportunity to access their heart and open up the connection to their higher levels.

Unlike other recordings used for meditation and healing, I layer the beneficial tones, frequencies and energies harmonically within beautiful musical compositions. This way it will resonate for a much longer period of time, just like any catchy tune does. Yet with the added benefit of the healing components.

This way, the healing effect is a lot more durable. The recordings do not sound 'New Agey', this way it is much easier to implement them into any everyday routine.

What Makes the Recordings So Special?

I use particular tones and frequencies, including Rife-Frequencies, Solfeggio Tones, Angelic Frequencies and Universal Healing Frequencies.

Some recordings include Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats as well. It has been proven, that these tones and frequencies are affecting our conscious and subconscious mind.

To intensify the effect, each recording contains an energy healing transmission. Many (but not all) include affirmations and subliminals. You can see the affirmations on the screen and the subliminals are embedded within the sound track. They are helping you to re-program your subconscious mind to adapt to the new lifestyle. The energy healing connects you with your higher self and helps you to heal everything that is out of balance.

If you want to learn more about healing with music, you can do so here.