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Step Into Your Full Potential and Beyond

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Step Into Your Full Potential Volume I

Only $47.95 USD (Save 40%)

Volume I consists of the nine tracks you can see below and you will get the download of the video plus MP3 for each recording (18 files in total). For single purchases or to see more info on the specific tracks, please click the according banner to get to the specific page.

Volume I Single Tracks

Clear and Remove Energetic Blocks Walls and Barriers

release blocks

Make Yourself
Great Again

make yourself great again

Release Karma

Release Karma

Remove Entities, Energies
and Thought Forms

removing entities

Connect With
Your Higher Self

Connect With Your Higher Self

Clear Ancestral
Genetic Codes

Clear Ancestral Genetics

Taking Back Your Energy
and Consciousness

taking back your energy

Releasing The Old Paradigm - Stepping Into The New Paradigm

Releasing the Old Paradigm

Release Subconscious Beliefs, Patterns and Blocks

Releasing Subconscious Beliefs

Volume II Single Tracks

Releasing Judgement

Releasing Judgement

Overcoming Heartbreak and Loss

Overcoming Heartbreak and Loss

​Balance​/Heal Your Divine Masculine

Brain Enhancement

Brain Enhancement

Dissolving the Pain Body

dissolving the pain body

Release and Transcend Fear

Release and Transcend Fear

Embrace Your Divine Feminine

Release and Transcend Fear