​Assisting You On Your Journey Into the Heart, to Optimum Health,
Well-being and ​Wholeness

​Personal Recordings Created For You By Elke

I will create a recording addressing one problem or situation you can submit via an online form after your payment. This can be physical, mental or spiritual. Your choice.

The recording includes frequencies and energy work plus commands that are specifically addressing your individual situation. This will also remove all frequencies​ and energies that do not belong to you and are not yours.

​The recording will establishing of a connection to your Higher Levels and your Entourage (Guides).

Energies and frequencies that will help you to open your heart and establish a connection to the whole Universe so you can start to feel loved and embraced by All That Is.

Energy ​work that addresses your specific problem/issue. 

Due to the special attention and work necessary, there are no refunds possible once the work on the recording has started.

Price per​ Personal Recording is $​211 USD

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