​About Me

Elke Neher

I am the creator of Freedomconsciousness.com and the YouTube channel Elke Neher and Elke Neher DE. I was born and lived in South-Western Germany until I moved to Nova Scotia, Canada with my then life partner and our two dogs, in May 2003. Fulfilling a dream and following an inner knowingness that I had since I was a child.

From early childhood I had felt like an outsider. I couldn't understand why humans behaved the way they did and why communication had to be so difficult. Everyone was trying to be something or someone they were not, instead of just interacting with each other in a truthful, honest and honorable way.

Thankfully I always knew that I wasn't my mind, but that gentle and warm presence that had no age, that was and still is (but much stronger now) residing within my heart center.

From early childhood I had the ability to see things from an overview and I was trying to share this with others. Unfortunately at that time that wasn't appreciated very much.

So I am very excited to see this changing now, with so many beautiful souls waking up from the human condition(ing), asking and starting to realize who they truly are. Slowly but surely freeing themselves from society's grasp and the shackles of the mind.

I have opened my heart to the love of the universe and I invite you to do the same through my recordings and my personal assistance. Every single one of us came here to express who they truly are and to enjoy this beautiful Eden that Earth truly is to the fullest. I would be honored to assist you on your journey back to yourself and to walk beside you along the way.