Personal Assistance

​Assisting You On Your Journey Into the Heart, to Optimum Health,
Well-being and ​Wholeness

​There used to be a time where you knew if you did something, the outcome was pretty much 100% certain...

Not anymore...

​We are shifting from the old mind, aka fear based paradigm, that was almost entirely based on repetitive patterns and survival of the fittest, into a completely new paradigm, based on the heart. A paradigm of integrity, passion, compassion, expression, truth and honorability.

The new energies are here to stay and there is no running or getting away from them. Ignorance or running will only intensify the energies and have you struggle more plus the physical and/or mental health seem to break down even more and even quicker.

I see so many trying to ignore the perceived 'bad' stuff, trying to will it to go away, trying to think only 'good' thoughts, and it never works for the long term...

The time has come to stop running from yourself and being out of alignment with your whole beingness. It is time to take a good and honest look at yourself and your life. The time has come to meet and integrate the truth of who you truly are, so your body and mind can start to heal and you can become healthy, whole and complete within yourself.

It is time to start living from the heart, expressing your true essence.

Are you ready to meet the missing part that you have been longing for for EONS and to start integrating and​ merging with the rest of yourself - your true presence, your true essence?

This is where I come in as a guide, as an activator and as an amplifier to bring you back to who you truly are - if you let me.

I offer 1 on 1's to show you the way how to navigate these new energies, guiding you into living from the heart, meeting with and merging with your higher levels and the rest of yourself.

If you are looking for someone to guide you on your path back to the heart, to embody your true self and become all that you are. If you look for someone that holds you in unconditional love without judgment, guiding you along this journey of becoming healthy whole and complete again - If you are someone that is ready to do what it takes on this journey into the heart (the portal to all of yourself and the Universe), ready to embrace the whole universe, ​​ready to let themselves be loved and embraced by all of themselves AND the whole Universe, then I welcome you to look at the 1 on 1 option below​.

In addition to the 1 on 1's I also offer Personal Recordings according to your needs and specification and Energy Work to initiate and speed up beneficial change in your life.

One On One Session

What is included?

  • 60 minutes phone or Skype (audio only) session. You will receive an MP3 with a recording of your call.

This is Y​OUR call. My focus for this call will be only you and what is going on​ within your life, relationships and/or health.

​We will focus on anything you wish to present, address and/or get clarity about. I will connect with all of you within all levels of existence and will provide you with tools, guidance and clarity that is coming through for you and through you.

We will open Portals that will connect you with your higher levels or further enhance this connection, so you can (start to) work ​with your own guidance and clarity ​in a more profound way.

Below you can see the available time slots. You can book your appointment with the Acuity Calendar that will open. After booking your time slot please come back to this page to pay for your session. If payment is not received within 24 hours of booking, the appointment will be automatically cancelled.

Schedule Appointment

Price​ $​122 USD

​Personal Recording

What is included?

  • ​Personal Recording
  • ​Light symbol specifically created for you 

I will create a recording addressing of one problem or situation you can submit via an online form after your payment. This can be physical, mental or spiritual. Your choice.

The recording includes frequencies that are specifically addressing your individual situation. This will also remove all frequencies that do not belong to you and are not yours.

Establishing of a connection to your Higher Levels and your Entourage (Guides)

Energies that will help you to open your heart and establish a connection to the whole universe.

Energy ​work that addresses your specific problem/issue.

Due to the special attention and work necessary, there are no refunds possible once the work on the recording has started.

Price ​$​200 USD 

​Energy Work

What is included?

  • ​20 minutes of remote energy work 

​I will be addressing and clearing any issues that you would like to work on ​to speed up and assist​ with conflicts within your​ life. This can be ​issues with your​ body,​ relationships, abundance, family, work etc.

Additionally I will be working with your energy on many different levels and dimensions. Clearing and addressing any additional issues that I might be presented with.

​This is a remote energy session and we will not speak on the phone.

 ​$​40 USD

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