When I was looking on YouTube I saw Elke Neher’s channel in my recommendations. It was interesting because everything I needed at that time happened to just pop up. I really love her work and I can only speak for myself but I believe reading some comments in the videos that she is doing a great job healing the collective.
She helped me to release subconscious patterns, be here more in the now, release past trauma and hurts etc. I have experienced more divine flow in my life and synchronicities are multiplying.

Gresson Pfeiffer

This is a video I have been wanting, thank you so much I’ve noticed such a big change since listening to your videos!! Everyday things get better; people are treating me nicer when I go out my husband is So loving I couldn’t ask for more. I appreciate you so much thank you for all of these amazing videos <img draggable=

YouTube User Ashly Stubbs on Clear Ancestral Genetics

Absolutely LOVE your channel. Thank you for all the wonderful videos! They have helped me so much <img draggable=

YouTube User Michelle S. on Karma Release

I was immediately lifted and empowered when I heard this, It was incredible. I was so happy, I imagined myself breaking and tearing down walls, clearing the space and blocks in my mind.
celestial blessings, love and light to all (:

YouTube User Alternative.Violet on Releasing the Old Paradigm

I felt the overwhelming presence of unconditional love from Creator, truly beautiful, this is our true essence, may love reign, thank you dear Elke <img draggable=

YouTube norrishclan on Clear and Remove Blocks

I have been listening to subliminals for a few years, most carry us just above where we are, seeking to survive and then something like this video comes quietly into our reality, taking us to that Place of Quietness, a Stillness where we experience the connection, the Oneness of Love from whence we came. I sit here, old, battered, and yet, there is joy deep within my Soul, listening to this gift from that which created us, seeking to remind us we do belong and are important and loved. God bless you, dear Elke for listening and giving this special gift to us. Thank you beyond words.

YouTube User Bobby James comment on Collagen Building Frequency Healing

and this is what another user had to add to this:

That sums it up like a delicious creamy icing topped on a freshly baked cupcake!

YouTube User cwcwx comment on Collagen Building Frequency Healing

Thank you Elke Neher you are truly a beautiful soul. Wonderful music has helped my healing in IBS.

YouTube User jusna khan comment on IBS Frequency Healing

Blood pressure dropped 20 points and I only use this intermittently.

YouTube User Lauren Robertson comment on Hypertension Frequency Healing

As soon as I put this on felt a warmth in my chest/heart and then the tension I had there started to go away diminish <img draggable=

YouTube User Ivy Velasquez comment on I Am Love Activation

Elke……….your videos are truly a gift!! I am a husband, father of two beautiful children and a small business owner. I absolutely love my wife, my children, my family, and my chosen line of work. Although I don’t have an easy life, I have a good life. Despite all these positives, I have struggled with anxiety and depression my entire life. I have reached points over the last year where I feel COMPLETELY and utterly overwhelmed. I reached a point about a year ago where I was having 15 to 20 panic attacks a day. Your videos bring me a sense of peace and calm that I can’t find anywhere else. The first time I heard this recording, I cried for probably 15 minutes because the sense of calm it brought me was so complete. I don’t know if you’re religious, but I really believe that you have a gift from God (whoever that may be to you)! Thank You!! Please keep sharing your talent and time. I pray that you feel truly rewarded and that you continue to use your gift.

YouTube User chackos123 comment on I Am Worthy Activation

This is beautiful. It made me light, free, crystal clear…Thank you Elke!

YouTube User Burcu Tekin comment on Removing Entities, Energies and Thought Forms

A M A Z I N G!!! Pure bliss! Infinitely grateful for your beautiful work…. Love & Light!

YouTube User Grace Salazars comment on I Am My Hightest Potential

A heartfelt thank you, I feel so much better after listing. My energy has been all over the place, I now feel like my self again

YouTube User Christin Bas comment on Taking Back Your Energy

My Soul, spirit, my whole body vibrates with this one! Pure bliss!!!! Like all your creations, amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love & Light.

YouTube User Grace Salazar comment on I Am Confident Activation

Thank you so much Elke, I feel spirited again and far more important, I realized that the energy vampires in my life are necessary to make me stronger and free, there is no need to be afraid of them everything exists with a sense. God bless you, Elke.

YouTube User Sheep Love comment on Taking Back Your Energy

I havent cried for years…cant believe watching and listening to it make me teared… Edit: I cried again after a repeat. I believe a huge emotional blockage has been cleared. Thank you for this wonderful and amazing experience!

YouTube User DontKnow Really comment on Taking Back Your Energy

Beloved……. Such beauty shines from your creations… such beautiful high-mindedness and goodness….. and I am so grateful for your presence…….. Infinite blessings………

YouTube User Imma Light comment on Taking Back Your Energy

I also really felt a difference after listening to this. Thank you so much for this and all your other beautiful and very effective videos..!

YouTube User s.e. comment on Taking Back Your Energy

You are amazing, thank you so much for dedicating your time and effort for these beautiful audios, I was in so much discomfort and pain and could not sleep because of cystitis and after 10 minutes in my pain went away along with my discomfort in my bladder, it felt normal and healthy again! How powerful! I can’t thank u enough, much love to you, truly truly grateful.

YouTube User Minaj Hola comment on Urinary Diseases Frequency Healing

After listening to this, i feel like a lot of weight dropped from my chest, my energy feels more pure and light! Your videos are amazing thank you so much for helping out

YouTube User Minaj Hola comment on Taking Back Your Energy

Can’t tell you how many times I have listened to this, and the feelings inside is impossible to explain. I raise above leaving my body, yet feel sad to tears and then tears of joy. Like being wrapped in the arms of a special loved one that is beyond physical level. Do I even make any sense. Thank you for the beautiful piece.

YouTube User caubati comment on Attract Love Frequency Spa

Thank you so much for uploading this! I subscribed to your channel. For anyone unsure of using it, I was skeptical at first, but I have been using it daily for about 3 weeks so far and I have found it to be really helpful!!! I saw results right away, but have found that doing it every day has cumulative effects as well. Results I have had: breathing deeper (within a few minutes), as well as feeling a lot less fatigued (also right away) feeling more connected emotionally, replenishing of energy [feel like it is definitely healing the adrenals], also feeling more thoughts of self worth and self love, pacing myself better in life-not taking on too much, more able to say no to requests from others that would deplete my energy normally. I did it every day, and sometimes twice a day, with stereo headphones. If it was twice a day, it was before I started my day (soon after I woke up) to start with enough energy, and also before going to sleep, as a de-stressor before bed for deeper and more restful sleep. sometimes also as a pick-me-up in the afternoon after a particularly exhausting event (for people experiencing adrenal fatigue, you know that an exhausting event could mean making dinner…) It has been a huge help and I highly recommend it to anyone!!! Thank you so much!

YouTube User s.e. comment on Adrenals Frequency Healing

And this user provided an update approximately one month later:

I also wanted to update everyone that I have continued listening, and that, while some days it may feel like it is not making such a big difference, just continue!! I felt about 85-90% better after about a month, but with continued use, it has gotten cumulatively better. Some days I forget how helpful it is, so I don’t listen, but I regret it later! So I would recommend to just keep listening daily until you are 100% better! I also noticed weight loss, as some other people have commented on here. So just keep at it! THANK YOU Elke-it has been a real life saver, and I mean that very seriously!!!!!!!!!!!


I like to say since I being hearing this tape for quite a while my blood pressure has come down tremendous . I hear it everyday 2-hours before I go to sleep. I quit taking my HB. pressure pills but I keep them around just in case. Thank you

YouTube User Emilio Procuna comment on Hypertension Frequency Healing

This is really amazing! I tried it about a week ago for the first time (that’s when I “stumbled” across your video). This is not only relaxing and soothing sound/music, it worked straigt away after the first listening. on the third day I decided to make a break (cuz I never been to the t that often in one day 🙂 ) Now I decided to use it like a regimen whenever I feel I could need one. Thank you so much for your wonderful work and that you let us freely benefit from it.

YouTube User memysel fandi comment on Organ Detox Frequency Healing

It works! It really does!! Thank you! God bless.

YouTube User Kalpana Padhi comment on Collagen Building Frequency Healing

Out of this world…simply Amazing….Bless u Elke. My gratitude♡…Love & Light. Om Shanti. Vasco <3

YouTube User Vasco Cintra comment on I Am Love

I feel it inside, i just had a prophylaxis it hurts so much I’m prescribed to injectable antibiotics for a week and seven different pills. Listening to this helped me feel more relief!

YouTube User vitalinov comment on Organ Detox Frequency Healing

omg it worked I have had asthma for my entire life and this helped better than any medication I still have Athena but I will listen to this every night and find out if it worked if it does I will be extremely grateful

YouTube User Lucas McMillan comment on Asthma Frequency Healing

Wow! Have to say this works. I’ve been feeling lethargic with a bug and low immunity. I was listening to this with headphones but not really paying much attention while I worked on something else. By the end of it I feel like I am buzzing on caffeine, and I have only had half a cup of coffee. I did drink plenty of water tho. Good stuff. BTW, it’s only 7am and I am WIDE awake with energy to spare.

YouTube User Kimberly Christiansen-Morris comment on Vitamin B12 Frequency Healing

This is amazing! I listened the full 24 minutes did a enema released lymph fluid. I suggest take a break because I listened some more & I felt pulsations in neck area & feet, very powerful!

YouTube User jolan smelner comment on Organ Detox Frequency Healing

wow this realy helped, I hit my head quite badly a day ago and ever since have had a realy bad headache. I had exams in school today and it made my headache worse throughout the day but when i came home and listened to this my headache went thank you so much for this video I’m extremely grateful

YouTube User Lauren May comment on Brain Inflammation Frequency Healing

This worked…I RAN to the bathroom…..and I did not have to go. But I felt it flow through my body and then a release came! I listened to it for about an hour with another video JUST like it on a loop and sure as anything, I has to GO! Good work! I feel better!

YouTube User Stacy comment on Organ Detox Frequency Healing

Just discovered your channel. These videos are positively awesome and I haved listened to many frequency audio cds and videos. Outstanding channel.

YouTube User maynard1 comment on Overcome Low Self Esteem Frequency Spa

Elke Thank you very much for this work of Art. I no longer have fatigue. I can work better take care of my 2yr old toddler. And I have lose some weight. God bless you always

YouTube User vivy32976 comment on Adrenals Frequency Healing

Hi there,

I thought you might like to know that I’ve had amazing healing with
the help of your MP3s – in particular the parasite cleanse.

I suffer from morgellons and to date, nothing has been more

After a few days I had a massive Herxheimer effect – flu-like
symptoms, which caused me to sleep for about 15 hours (to your music,
of course). When I awoke, I was virtually symptom free.

Anyway, thanks very, very much.

Kind regards,

A.F. via website contact form

I just wanted to let you know that I have been listening to your you tube video.. Healing diabetes..

Although not diabetic I am pre diabetic and if I would allow them to test my a1c I would probably be classified as diabetic… However I have been doing a lot of natural treatments over the last 3-4 months with some success..

Along with watching food intake and exercise .However I struggle with the predawn syndrome no matter what I do … Although my numbers are not real high.. I hate to wake up and get a reading of 122 or above .

Since listening to your video I’m happy to say that my numbers have been NORMAL or very close to normal. Thx you for offering them . Thx you for being you and offering a great video!!!

K.C. via Facebook messenger

Very effective. Thank you. Normally I wouldn’t post on such a personal issue but it’s good for others to see the testimonial per se. Immediately noticed an “unfolding” and relaxing of the lower stomach muscles. As time went on more unfolding and relaxing sense in that same zone. After 2nd run of video, felt more freedom in mid arm area on both sides – like a sudden “absence” of a previous undetected struggling of the body I was unconscious of.

Ran the video a third time. More relaxation but also a craving for sugar cookies – which is always listed as a cry for yeast cells and possibly parasites as they thrive on sugar. This sudden craving appearing also lets me know the desperation of the organism — which in my experience is a sign of effectiveness of this video that they are on their last leg. Thank you much for this. I don’t fully know how it works but it does.

The relaxation I think is due to the fact that its free of an attacking organism and therefore doesn’t need to be in contraction and struggle. Oh lastly I should say, I opened three windows of this video to play simultaneously. A family member said a sound healing practitioner recommended that- for more complete layers of sound perhaps? Very effective.

YouTube User All The Best comment on Parasite Cleanse Frequency Healing

Thank you Elke for this wonderful music… it does open the heart… deep down… thank you… with Love and Light….

YouTube User France Bignolas 444 comment on I Am Love Activation

Thank you to Elke… thank you for your amazing download… this is very efficient indeed… thank you…. with Light and Love :)))

YouTube User France Bignolas 444 comment on I Am Confident Activation

One of the best audio aid available on the net – and this sounds so good that makes people wants to listen to it over and over again…

YouTube User Athena Chiu comment on I Am Confident Activation

This is an absolute gem. so many have challenges with their plumbing. so many take it for granted. being healed is a true blessing. when you feel free of pain and discomfort you feel amazing…! as in I forgot how good it feels to be alive feeling

YouTube User Viking12 comment on IBS Frequency Healing

Beautiful touching deep soul healing music… Thank you Elke for creating and sharing this lovely transmission, all the way through listening it was making me think of planting a garden and tuning into Mother Earth’s healing energies. Thank you and God Bless.

YouTube User Matthew Norrish comment on Dermatitis/Eczema Frequency Healing

It works like magic! It helped me to heal painful urinary infection. Only 3 days of listening to it every night, positive thinking and herbal tea. Great!

YouTube User Laura Brachová comment on Urinary Disease Frequency Healing

Been suffering real badly with GERD. I can’t believe this video helped relieve my symptoms, don’t know how? But thank you very much ??

YouTube User Dan Miller comment on GERD Frequency Healing

I am suffering from adrenal fatigue for the last many years -just yesterday I listened to ur recording on adrenal fatigue and am feeling much much better-thanks.

Youtube user En Kay comment on Adrenals Frequency Healing

I am awaking to my higher self! With understand that loving myself and providing for my evolution of my soul is the greatest gift I could ever have been given!! Thank you for this video!!

YouTube User justonekissgoodnight comment on I Am Love Activation

woah this made my body tingle slightly and made me feel high. I feel as though this is truly working for me thank you and blessed be.

YouTube User Magick Spells comment on Parasite Cleanse Frequency Healing

WOW! 10 mins into this, my leg ~ which is always swolllen since an operation 8 yrs ago, went very cold & strange ~ then I noticed ~ I have an ankle!!! AND I can move my foot ~ which has been solid !! I never expected anything like this !!

YouTube User lynnbryn1 comment on Organ Detox Frequency Healing

Absolutely amazingly beautiful… I can’t express how this makes me feel… thank you… blessings…

YouTube User Tiffany Black comment on Attract Love Frequency Spa

I just found your songs!! They are so awesome, I can really feel the powerful energy in them!! =)

YouTube User rasmussunlight comment on Overcome Low Self Esteem Frequency Spa

I repeatedly come back to this when I have bad gerd problems. As much as I love healing music and binural beats I am also skeptical. This gerd helping frequency is definitely able to help and makes me hopeful for more “music” of it’s kind. This needs more thumbs up.

YouTube User SaneSamael comment on GERD Frequency Healing

Wonderful AND Very efficient ! Thank you…

YouTube User Claudia Millán comment on Stop Self Sabotage

This is just magical ..thank you!

YouTube User MsFloMotion comment on Open, Balance and Heal Your Throat Chakra

This worked for me, one just has to be patient, i still have things i need to let go, but i know the cure is to accept everything is alright, thank you

YouTube User rojovivomiguel coment on OCD Frequency Spa

Amazing work. I feel relief on my liver which feels swollen with bad energy when stressed. This helped so much and pushed waste through easily also. I’ll use this regularly I think. Very effective xx

YouTube user Wylie Peyote comment on Organ Detox Frequency Healing

Well I couldn’t even sit still to listen and watch this whole video. I finally took down my last couple of Christmas decorations and I cleaned the kitchen. I’d say this video worked for me! 🙂

YouTube User Renee Lanning comment on Stop Procrastination Frequency Spa

Thank U Elke
So nice to listen and it helps for me, lots of love light and Joy

YouTube User Angell Bella comment on I Am Confident Activation

I love your videos, beautiful and soothing. I LOVE your voice. Very gentle, and nurturing, yet powerful. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to make your videos. I share your videos so they may heal and help others also. Namaste.

YouTube User ladyofwildrose comment on Open, Balance and Heal your Throat Chakra

After being in bed for months after an accident I am lost at how to start getting things accomplished again. It felt like too,too much.. I listened and it felt lightened up n my had , thanks, hahah nice I get my closet all set up, I will be more then thanking you again. As always keep up your happy giving work. My best to you and my prayers.

YouTube User Bexaida Candelaria comment on Stop Procrastination Frequency Spa

I love this soooo much – thank you

YouTube User noor29166 comment on Letting Go of the Past Frequency Spa

Wowwwww its miracle amazing thanks

YouTube User ali murtaza kaim khani comment on Hypertension Freqency Healing

This is so powerful. Many thanks and blessings to you. Peace and love

YouTube User Julie McClanahan comment on Stop Self Sabotage Frequency Spa

So thankful for you being in the world @this time. I just can’t get enough. Much love to you. Lalita

YouTube User Laurice Stewart comment on Crystallind DNA Activation Frequency Spa

Thank you may times over for this and all other frequencies. This has aided me so very much. Being very anemic since childhood, and having a serous critical illness, it has help do so very much. Once gain THANK YOU AND MAY JEHOVAH GOD ALWAYS BLESS AND KEEP YOU AND ALL OF CONCERNED FOR ETERNITY.AMEN?

YouTube User SIR ENRICO GRANSE,ESQ comment on Adrenals Frequency Healing

Thank you for this, recovering from sciatica this really helps

YouTube User Bernardo Tellez Comment on General Inflammation Frequency Healing

This is so amazing and spectacular. Thank you for posting.. Blessings abound

YouTube User Viking12 comment on Stop Self Sabotage Frequency Spa

I have been adding this into my daily meditation and i thank you a million times for this video. I have had severe asthma my entire life, even with an inhaler, a nebulizer, and pure essential oils, but this video has done wonders for me. I send you my love. Thank you again, Namaste. <3

YouTube User Jessica Short comment on Asthma Frequency Healing

Greetings from Denmark! As I currently dont have the spare funds avaible to donate to you on your website I want to at least send you some gratitude here instead. I’ve spend alot of time listening to your tracks lately and I find that many of them touch me very deeply. I can litteraly feel the improvement in the emotional or psychical area that the different tracks are affecting – it’s like a tuning fork to my body and emotional system each time.

I am doing my very best to recommend your channel to those amongst my family and friends who are open frequency and sound healing.
Thank you for your work – I hope you keep doing it for a long time! 🙂

YouTube User Jonas Lund Larsen comment on my Elke Neher YouTube Channel

This is just amazing. I just, forgive the indelicate speech, emptied my tummy effortlessly after listening to this video twice. I had it on in the back ground as I did stuff online. I just wish more people would learn to think outside the box to try unconventional things.

As on who has an aggressive and progressive form of ms, I have learned to not just roll over and stuff myself with anything my doctors say. take tinnitus; if one finds the right sonic sounds and plays it a fraction lower than sound from tinnitus, it brings relief. It has for me. Last week I wanted to die, and something simple like listening to sounds made me feel so good. I prayed and prayed and God led me to that youtube, and since then more time has been spent discovering the true and natural healing one can achieve through sound. Just sound. It’s amazing!

Thank you and be wonderfully blessed for this..:)

YouTube User kiki kat comment on Toxin Detoxification Frequency Healing

Hi, thank you !,, with the snow and cold weather this helps a lot

YouTube User Bexaida Candelaria comment on Carpal Tunnel Frequency Healing

OH MY GOD!! This thing works!!! I was literaly dying of pain and just listening to this once calmed my symptoms down. Thank you so much!!!

YouTube User karlaelena12 comment on GERD Frequency Healing

From the bottom of my heart, and the depth of my soul…I am grateful. This has given me the courage to take the next step in unleashing, and learning to live my greatest potential. thank you…thank you…thank you.

YouTube User Deya Wiley comment on Activation To Open Your Heart

This was amazing! I could literally feel my waste being pushed through my intestines! I felt such relief from the pressure on my stomach,I havnt used restroom yet, but feel immensely better! ty. I almost died from backed up intestinal problems, and I have recently stopped using heroin 8 mnths ago and I’m trying to detox my body. Any more suggestion on which videos would help, oh wonderful creature of tunes?

YouTube User comment on Organ Detox Frequency Healing