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Open, Balance and Heal Your Root Chakra

The root chakra is one of the seven energy centers of our body. It is located at the bottom  of the spine. It's function is to keep us grounded in this existence. When the root chakra is open and balanced we have a sense of belonging. We feel safe and secure in our existence and we trust ourselves and others.

Whenever you feel ungrounded, insecure and fearful for no reason, chances are high that your root chakra is out of balance. Just recently I had it happen to me that I felt a sense of dread and fear that was coming out of nowhere. There was no reason for this and just hours before I was feeling perfectly happy and content.

I used my exercise to release emotional pain and fear to come back into balance again. It helped only for a short time and the fear came back again. I was very puzzled and asked for guidance. Immediately the thought came up that I should use my tools for the root chakra.

After watching the root chakra healing journey and listening to the musical frequency track for the root chakra I felt much better. This has really opened my eyes to how important it is to have our chakras balanced.

I have created this chakra healing package to use on myself and now after having experienced the benefits of it firsthand I am making it available for others in the hope it will be of assistance to open balance and heal your root chakra.

Watch/listen to a sample of what is included in this package below:

1. Root Chakra Healing Journey

The purpose of this healing journey is to clear out any debris that is clogged up in your root chakra. I have included the video and audio version of this journey. This is a great way to clean your root chakra whenever you feel out of sorts. This healing journey is 8 minutes 45 seconds long. You can watch the first 3 minutes of the video below:

2. Beautiful Guided Root Chakra Meditation

This beautiful meditation guides you to connect your root chakra with mother earth. Into a space of love and light. Where you are perfect and whole. This is a heart opening meditation that will help you to come into loving and accepting who you are, a place of being fully grounded enjoying everything life has to offer.

You will get the audio download of this guided meditation. It is 18 minutes long. Listen to the first 5 minutes below:

The script for this meditation was generously provided by Rashana for sole use by me. Thank you Rashana.

3. Musical Frequency Video with Affirmations

The background music of this video is composed in the key C which is related to the root chakra. I have added beneficial frequencies specifically for the root chakra to the mix to stimulate the root chakra to open and balance.

To reaffirm the positive change in the root chakra I have added affirmations that will make the muladhara stronger and your life experience more joyful and grounded. You will receive the video and audio download of this. Watch the full video below:

4. Musical Frequency Track For the Root Chakra

This is just the musical track composed in the key of C plus the added beneficial frequencies for the root chakra. This is great to use daily as background music to keep your chakra balanced and open. The track is 24 minutes long and you will get the mp3 as a download. Listen to the first 5 minutes below:

You can download the all of the above for only $22. Twenty percent of the proceeds are used to fund loans on to empower people around the world. Thank you for your support.:)

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