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Getting Over Heartbreak, Loss, Grief, Break Up Pain – Overcome Heartbreak Quicker

Getting Over Heartbreak, Loss, Break Up Pain - Overcome Heartbreak Quicker

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Hello everyone, this is Elke. Monika and I are back for another episode of our conversations. I hope you are all doing well. Hi Monika, how are you doing?

Hi Elke I'm really fine. Elke, I have a question about heartache. Because someone asked me - what can I do if I am hurt in this way, when someone goes away or someone dies or an animal dies which you loved and you get always these aches in your heart?

I think, every one of us knows it, because everyone has to go once or more often through it and it is said that you need a year less or more to get over it and I asked myself if there is not a method or a remedy to make it a bit faster, going-through this situation.

Yes, of course there is. When you are in a relationship with someone or you have an animal you are very close with, there are connections that are established and the longer it is, the more… it's actually magnetic connections… the more… thicker, so to speak they are.

And when this gets disconnected, there is a certain pain and of course - I mean, normally we love these people or animals and there is the pain of not having them in our life anymore, the pain of loss.

Sometimes of course, we are not parting in a good way, so we are angry or even sometimes we hate them for whatever reason. These are the feelings that are coming up. Our … as you say, our heart is aching and it is…. Sometimes it even feels as if our heart is broken. So… that's why we talk about heartbreak.

The first thing we can do, really, is taking a few deep breaths… [breathe] deep into our core in through the nose and out through the mouth, consciously breathing in. You imagine breathing in light particles, golden light particles, they are filling your whole body and on the outbreath you imagine that you are breaking energy with this person and even with the whole world. You do this a few times and you will start to feel better and better, more like yourself, right?

What does this mean, breaking energy? To go away from them on the inside?

Well, yeah, in a sense. Breaking energy… when we are… even when we are, right now, as we are talking, there is an energetic connection, an energetic exchange, and many people take in the energy of others, right?


You break energy, so you don't have their energy within you or around you anymore. It's just that you feel more like yourself again.

I keep my energy for myself…

In a way, it's just that you feel… sometimes we feel in a certain way not because we feel like it, we just feel what someone else is feeling.


Certainly you have experienced that one morning you wake up and you're fine, you can take on the world and an hour later after you have communicated with someone, you feel down and depressed and you don't know what has happened. Right? So, you have been taking on the energy of that person. It is not yours.

That's happening a lot of times, so we are really trying or looking to find back to our own energy. So you can do it as well, I have the video, that is called "Taking Back Your Energy and Consciousness", you could listen to that as well to take back your energy, and really - break energy with this person.

There's another technique to do this, but it's better to demonstrate it because it's not very obvious how it looks like, so if I'm explaining it on the phone, it's probably confusing, that's why I'm not doing it.

Okay, we are breaking energy with the … with the…

Yes, with the person or with the world, so that we more feel like ourselves, we take our energy back. So, if you are still communicating with the person, and it's not very nice, you can even imagine a "figure eight". You place it before you or in front of you and you step in the inside of one of the circles and you put the other person or even the world inside the other circle.

This is like…. It does…. It shields you from destructive energy, so only love can come through. It helps you to keep your energy for yourself…. So only loving energy can come through. You can do that as well… so… if there is really, if someone has stood you up or the breakup is not nice, you are having a fight over your possessions or whatever, and so there has to be communication but it's really disruptive and you get really aggravated about it or sad or its painful, this helps as well.

When you have done that you can say the words… the name of that person and then: "I am free and you are free and all is well". And you say that three times. So: the name of the person, I am free and you are free and all is well. And you do it three times.

This helps to… to really - through the years of your being together or even it just was a short time, but it was very intense or something - there have been, there is magnetic connections that have been established and those have to be removed.

When someone dies, it's abruptly yanked out because that person or animal is not on this plane any more, right? And that's why there is the heavy grief, you can do it for those occasions as well, so just… they are not gone, they are still there, you just don't see them anymore. But they are just still as alive as you are, just in another form.

And you don't have this magnetic connection anymore. Now, in a break up or something it's still there, that's why people say over time it gets easier, those connections get less and less and then, at one point of course, it's gone. Doing these little steps will help you to cut those connections quicker and get over it quicker.

Of course, there will be occasion where you feel the pain, so the grief of not having them anymore or the sadness and then asking yourself why… whatever the anger, whatever happened in that specific situation.

Don't make the mistake to suppress those feelings, just let them come up. That's another important step as well, so that you really feel these feelings. But please, please, don't let them out on another person. If you have to scream, go out in the woods, and scream there, if you have to cry, well cry! Do it! Because it helps to release the pain.

Otherwise the pain would get stuck in your cells and your subconscious and then it really is internalized and that's why it happens often that people, when they experience loss or loosing someone they really love or think they love or don't want to let go, that they get sick, physically sick.

They create a trauma, I think.

A trauma, yes. You create dis-ease. And that shows in the body. So please let those feelings out. Don't let them get stuck in your body and in your subconscious mind. That is the worst thing you can do.

So, doing those exercises, and really - if you feel sad, if you feel angry, if you feel… well depressed… that's a thing that's mostly emotions that have become stuck, because you don't allow yourself to express yourself, right?

So really, those steps to break the energy, than the part with "I am free and you are free" is very important as well, and if you are still communicating with the person and you have to negotiate things and it's not very pretty, just put yourself in the figure eight and the other person on the other side and that helps as well. So only love can come through.

It really helps to speed up the process that you can really move on with your life a lot quicker.

With expressing emotion - I always imagine little children who do that in a very sane way when they get disillusioned (disappointed) or don't get something they want. They have no problem to cry out and to express their emotions in that case… we have to relearn it as grown-ups.

That's a really good example here, because when a little child... If you have to move with the child, that's really tragic for the child, they don't know "oh my god I have to go to another school and find new friends" and they just don't want to do it and they express their feelings. Then you move and the first few day its "Oh, the world is really going down", but very soon, they really express their "unease", so to speak. It's not pretty, mostly.

But then, they really adapt very soon. Or a child falls down, it cries, it acts out and what not, and maybe, five minutes later it's running around and playing again like nothing has happened. And that's really, yeah, express your feelings, but please, please, please: DON`T use it on another person or an animal.

Go out and express it wherever nobody is around, just that it gets out, right? So… sometimes a child will express itself everywhere, so if nobody's around they cry anyway. It helps them to release the pain. And it's really a good example you brought up there, because that's really how you should do it.

They don't necessarily, I mean, that example with school - of course they let it out on their parents, because they are the reason (laughing) of the moving, right, it wasn't a very good example of my side. But normally they just express their pain, cry and even scream and five minutes later or if it's a really serious issue, it might be a day or two later, it's all forgotten.

And that's really the way to do it in a sense, right? But never ever let it out on another person… not even the one that you have the issue with (laughter) because it will only make it worse and…. Yeah, this will really speed up the process.

And I'm thinking, as this is a real problem for very many people, I'm thinking that I probably will create a video, a frequency recording about this very soon. So, as soon as this is posted, I will post a link to it. So you can use that one as well than to help speed up the process.

That would be great, Elke!

Thank you! (laughter)

Okay - well, I think, we covered most of it, so you don't have any questions any more, right?

Yes…(laughter) I have a question: In the meantime, before this video is done, one could watch for example the one about "Letting Go the Past". I think it would also be a nice recording to help survive a shock…

Yeah, Letting Go of The Past is a nice addition and Taking Back Your Energy and then the one I will be posting soon and then really you should be… you should get over a heartbreak very quick. It will not be tomorrow, but… let's say… it takes a year, normally, it might take only a month then.

But you have to really go through the steps that I told you and actively do it and really not start to blame the other or start blaming things or stay attached to the person. It always happens for a reason, it's always divine. So - accept it and let it go. That is another step as well, that is very important.

Yes. I found a nice quote of Paulo Coelho, this Brazilian author, he wrote: "I thank all those who left me, they gave me room to create" . And this is, I think the aim we should have with all the hurt we get in our life, that we finally profit? Profit from it (laughter) excuse my English….

No, that is true, because often times people leave our life, leave us to make room for something better. So just we have outgrown them or they may be holding us back from something and it's just better that they move out.

It always happens for a reason. Always be aware of that. And then… really… step into your own presence, embody that and find out who you really are and enjoy your life and something or someone better will show up very, very soon.

That's it. Yes. Okay, Elke.

Well, thank you Monika, it has been a pleasure. And thank you everyone, I hope this helps you a bit ….and we will talk to you soon!

Yes, and we will hear from you soon, Elke, with your new recording…

(laughs) Okay, thank you, Monika for reminding me. Love you everyone! Bye!


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