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​​Accept Yourself - Start Accepting Who You are - Accept Your Uniqueness

Accept Yourself - Start Accepting Who You are - Accept Your Uniqueness
Stop Absorbing Other People's Energies - Stop Taking On The Energy of Other People

You can download the video above plus MP3 (length 2 hours 22 minutes) for only $8.88 USD (Personal Use Only) or if you just want to support my work by donating you can do so as well. Thank you for your support. 🙂

These recordings will help you ​to accept yourself and your uniqueness unconditionally, so ​you can finally start the life that is right for you without having to look outside of you.

Balancing frequencies designed to help your mind and body to let go of everything that has been unconsciously held onto, but no longer serves.

To make it even more powerful there is an Energy Transmission embedded in these recordings.

Additionally I have added affirmations/subliminals to these recordings that will program your mind/body and help you to make any changes that might be needed.

It is my intention that these recordings will help everyone listening to ​​accept themselves unconditionally. Please now add your intention as well. The more people will do this, the more powerful this video will become.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the music, the energy transmission, the beneficial frequencies and affirmations, knowing that this will help you to reach your goals.

Remember to drink plenty of pure water.

This is not a substitute medical advice. Please always consult with a qualified healthcare professional. These frequencies have been tested by thousands of people and found beneficial for the purpose above. However, if you experience any discomfort immediately stop listening to the recording and come back at a later time.

Best experienced with headphones. Please do not use these recordings if you are:

  • Suffering from seizures
  • Operating any machinery or driving

What You Will Receive (Personal Use Only):

  • Download of the MP4 ​video file of the video above
  • Download of an extended MP3 ​audio file
  • Download of the ​affirmations that are included as ​subliminals (PDF file)

Please be aware that you are paying for a downloadable product. There will be no physical CD or DVD delivered to you. Immediately after your payment you will be redirected to your download page and an email with the link to the download page will be sent out to your payment email address. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive this email.