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I Am Valuable (In Fact You Are Priceless) - Energetic Activation/Frequency Healing

I Am Open To Change Activation - Accept and Flow With Change In Your Life
I Am Connected Activation - Connect To Source, Your Higher Self, The Universe
I Am In The Flow Activation - Flow with Life - Living and Being in the Now

You can download the full length ​video plus MP3 (length 2 hours 22 minutes) orchestral and meditative version for only $​15 USD (Personal Use Only)​.  To purchase please scroll down to the bottom of this page. Thank you for your support.

​In this recording I assist you to start to really feel and embrace your true value.

I see so many dear ones not giving themselves the value they deserve, staying small and not believing that they deserve to be treated as the amazing being that they are.

Your true value has nothing to do with what you do, with your skin color, gender, how much money you have and all those categories humanity uses to assess someone's 'value'.

You are priceless, just for the fact of being here on this planet and for being you and walking your walk.

We are all equal, no matter if we clean toilets, work as a cashier or are the boss of a big company. This is what you do, but not who you are. By bringing your heart and your whole being into what you do, you are assisting others in a big way, just by being yourself and the love that you are.

In this recording I remove all dissonant frequencies, energies and beliefs related to claiming and embodying your true value. At the same time bringing in energies and frequencies that assist you in this process.

​The  recording features beneficial Angelic, Universal and other frequencies  and tones that are additionally layered with powerful energy work.

Listen to it as often as you feel called to it. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Have it run in the background or while sleeping. Meditating while listening to it is also a great way to speed up the results.

Remember to drink plenty of pure water.

This is not a substitute medical advice. Please always consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

Best experienced with headphones. Please do not use these recordings if you are:
- Operating any machinery, driving or doing anything else that requires your full attention

The only constant in life is change. Open to change and start to flow with all the beauty of creation. These recordings will assist you to achieve this.

Activate and strengthen your connection to your Higher Self, to the whole Universe and to Source Consciousness. Connect to all that your are.

​What You Will Receive (Personal Use Only):

  • Download of the MP4 ​video files ​(33 minutes long) orchestral + meditative version
  • Download of an extended MP3 ​audio files (2 hours 22 minutes long) orchestral + meditative version

Please be aware that you are paying for a downloadable product. There will be no physical CD or DVD delivered to you. Immediately after your payment you will be redirected to your download page and an email with the link to the download page will be sent out to your payment email address. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive this email.