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Releasee Negative Cellular Memories - Clear Cellular Blockages (Energy Healing/Frequency Healing Music)

Stop Absorbing Other People's Energies - Stop Taking On The Energy of Other People

Short Version Above - To purchase the download of the full MP4 (33 minutes) version plus extended MP3 (length 2 hours 22 minutes) for only $15 USD (Personal Use Only) please scroll down to the bottom of the page. Or Join my Patreon community to get Ad free full access, exclusive videos and more awesome rewards. Thank you for your support.

This energy/frequency healing track will assist you to release negative cellular memories that are held within your body.

Worrying about something that might happen or not or whatever else you might fear is actually feeding it and keeping it alive. It also increases the risk of them to become true.

It takes you out of the now moment and into a future that might happen or not or even into the past, not living your life to the fullest.

Listen to it as often as you feel called to it. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Have it run in the background or while sleeping. Meditating while listening to it is also a great way to speed up the results.

Remember to drink plenty of pure water.

This is not a substitute medical advice. Please always consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

Best experienced with headphones. Please do not use these recordings if you are:

  • Operating any machinery, driving or doing anything else that requires your full attention

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