My sincere and heartfelt gratitude goes out to these and other anonymous Angels who chose to join our Patreon Community and to financially support the work that I do. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate e​ach and every one of you.  



​Barbara Outterson


​​Amanda Shertzer

Chan Yuen Ping

Ismail Ishaq

​​Bella L.

Coffee Angels


Hyejung Ryu

​Sarah Herr

Kimberly A Bibee

​Pam Eyre

​Keysha Denning

​​Barbara Francisco

Toni Philips

Lucien Hamm


​Ken Oath

​​Erika Rayburn

Wonderful Angels

​Hyun Kim

Shamla Ramasamy

​​Judy H​.


​Christine Knapp-Philips

Tehmina Sethna

​Isabelle Lajoie

​Dagmar Bauer


​Barb Freedman

Huti Uguku

​Jessica L. Noe

​Alma Rehberg

​​Selenia Tutela

​Debbie Stars

​Aneta So

​Abdullah Azeri

​​Jennifer Anderson

Yoon Chong Ong

​Jody Mountain

Phenomenal Angels


​Prabha Xaxa

​Michelle Mudzviti

​Stacy Bourne

​​Gab​ Fab


​Edgars Briska


Charo Villa Martinez


Unbelievable Angels

​Adam Lopez


​Suzanne I​.

Out of this World Angels

Marie Burns

​Majida Houd

​Angels of Change

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