Welcoming In My Higher Levels – Letting Go of Control and Attachment

Letting Go of Control and AttachmentBeing able to bring through higher guidance (also called channeling) is something so many of us look up to. We might even be a bit envious of the ability that some have been able to access, to bring through the guidance coming from a higher source.

Many of us (myself included) have booked a session or two with one of these psychics or channelers, so they connect with our higher levels to bring through guidance on what is happening within our lives.

What if everyone of us has this ability? What if it was easy to access your own higher guidance and live from and through the heart? I have known for a long time that I (like everyone) have this ability, yet on some level I did not fully believe in myself.

It is my deepest desire to integrate my higher levels, to live a life of being fully embodied, a life of being in this world and fully enjoying what it has to offer, yet not being of this world.

Today, for the first time, I am heeding the call I have felt inside to call in my higher levels to speak through me and write down what comes through. Today is the first day of actively connecting with my higher levels, inviting them in and starting the conscious integration and activation of the truth of who I am.

Here is what came through:

“We are seeing that you want to accomplish so much, we are seeing your willingness. We love you so. There is much clarity within you, yet so much questioning of what is.

We are speaking to you every day and you know that. Yet you do not trust that it is us. You question what comes to you with your mind. You let emotions steer you where you know that these are only constructs of the mind. The clarity you seek is within you and you know that.

You are looking for others to give you the love that you see and feel within yourself. You are giving that love to them but forget to shower yourself with what is your greatest gift within this world, the love that you are and that you emanate. Open your heart to let this love shine through you and everything you do without questioning and looking at others.

Don’t distract yourself with futile tasks just to avoid doing what your heart wants you to do. We are showing you every day that we are there and you know that, yet you are not trusting what comes through. You are running away from it trying to do it your own way. Your way of wanting to hold on to what no longer serves and trying to control.

You are entering the flow, yet you are still staying on the outside, on the banks of the river so to speak, where you could easily get out again, not to be taken away by the current. This current is you and you would never harm yourself.

Your whole life has been about controlling everything – let go of control, enter the truth of who you are. There is so much waiting for you, so much joy, fun, happiness and love available to you.

Show others who you really are and they will love you without expectations. Don’t attach yourself to others, this is your ego wanting to play safe and be loved, wanting to see human love and acceptance, instead of what you know are the only things you seek, unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, unconditional playfulness.

And so it is.”

I am posting this with the hope that you can see how easy it can be to connect to your higher levels. It just takes willingness to go inside and actually listen to the voice that is always there. That is always trying to guide you in the right direction, no matter what. It might not always be what your ego wants to hear, but it will always be in your highest good and the highest good of all involved.

Are you willing to have the courage to listen to this voice inside of you? Are you willing to play with your own divinity?

Come and join me on this journey. It will be a lot of fun. 🙂

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