Open Your Heart To Be The Love That You Are

Activation To Walk Into Being And Radiating
The Love That Your Are

I forgive everyone that has been hurting me throughout my life

They no longer affect me

I release all hurt and victimization into neutrality

I cut any cords that have been created

I open my heart to make it stronger than ever

I remove any walls I have built around my heart as I don't need them in this benevolent universe

I love, honor and accept myself just the way I am

From this day on I only accept loving and nurturing relationships into my life

Love is the state of my being and I am seeing that reflected back to me everywhere I go

I see love, beauty and honoring everywhere around me

I am gladly accepting it and reflect it back to the world

I am willing to be vulnerable and have myself been seen, just to see love and honor reflected back to me

From this day on I am claiming my birthright of being pure love and joy and I see that reflected back to me everywhere I go and nothing less

From this day on I will step into my own limitlessness and claim my full power

And so it is


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