Are You Present? Give Yourself and Others the Gift of Presence

I just went onto Youtube to watch one of my favorite music videos (I totally recommend to listen to this 🙂 )

As usual an ad right in front of the video popped up, saying that after 5 seconds I would be able to skip the ad. Looking forward to be done with this unwanted distraction, I started to listen to the ad – and after more than 1 minute I had still had not skipped it. This is one of the most beautiful ads I have ever seen and can you guess what they were promoting?

Giving Presence

How often are we really present in the here and now? Present to what we are doing or who we are talking to. With our thoughts already on the next task or perceived problem on hand, not paying attention to what is happening right NOW or being really present to what the other person is trying to tell us. Seeing the truth of who they are, connecting to their inner presence.

Giving ourselves and others the gift of presence, the gift of slowing down, taking a deep breath and connecting with what is around us can change lives. Why not start with little things like paying attention to people around us at the shopping mall. Giving a smile to people passing by. Watch how many faces you will light up and maybe, just maybe you might even make someone’s day a bit brighter with this.

There is no greater gift that we can give to ourselves than listening in to our own presence, making the connection to our true self. The presence that is immune to all the busyness and the distraction. The voice that always steers us in the right direction. The presence of our heart.

So why not start to listen in, open up and connect today? Give the gift of presence to yourself and others and watch the world change.

Here is the organic version of the video for your enjoyment (but be careful – they use the f.. word once within the video. So if you are easily offended or small children are watching, you better skip this):

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